Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fellas- Could You Do It?

So you meet a lady. She's gorgeous, smart, cool, funny, sexy, childless, independent and gainfully employed, with good values and decent credit. She's even a lil bit crazy like you like (you KNOW you like that shit.. quit it.) 

Yall hit it off. Yall start dating. Things are going well. Yall fight, but you make up and bone it out before you go to sleep, and wake up happy. Love blooms. 

A year passes. You've begun to notice that the initial quality of cleanliness of her home is declining. She was on her best cleaning behavior in the beginning, of course. But as the months roll on, you begin to see the signs.. not of simple messiness, but problematic dirtiness. Laundry goes undone and piled on the floor. Sheets go unchanged (and yall get it in frequently). She cooks her sexy ass off.. and then the next time you go in the kitchen, dishes are still there.. even if you went home and came back for another visit. 

Time goes on. Everything (else) is perfect! Going strong. She hasn't changed. She's still working out. Still giving head. Getting promotions at work. Watching football all sunday every sunday. Yall hug up and contemplate the future, and its even more appealing to you because she's NOT full court pressing you for a ring. You've mentioned the crib's state. Her feelings were hurt. You argued. She apologized. She pulled it together.. that time. Next time the parquet wood floor was muddy with old tracks when you came over. Her big screen plasma and the entertainment system it sits on are both covered in 1/2-inch thick dust. 

This woman is almost too- good to be true. She's your best friend and confidante, a bad bitch and you're sure she could be a good mother... Except, let's look a little closer at that future. It's natural for the home to be a bit messy when there's a brand new baby. But if this is how it is NOW, imagine where cleaning will rate on the priority list when she's nursing. And babies become ill very easily in unsanitary environments.

And yes, you've even cleaned her home. (She threw that at you in the argument- "If you have such a problem, YOU do it!").. and so, despite the fact that you don't actually live there (it's come up,  decisions have yet to be made) you clean. Until you notice that whether you do clean, or you don't, she's perfectly fine either way. So your subtle hints, your "see how easy this is?" and "If you do it like THIS then the upkeep is much simpler" fall on deaf, uncaring ears.

So, guys.. Here's the question- Could you marry your dream woman, if your dream woman was a slob?



  1. my dream woman couldn't be a slob. i mean, if she leaves clothes around or whatever, that's one thing... if she keep a filthy bathroom, i'm gone.

    i once dated a woman who not only kept a filthy bathroom, but left a discharge goblin of some sort in the toilet to greet me as i took my mid-morning leak.

    no, i can't identify what it was. i never recovered from that sight. i was dealing with the fact that her bathroom was the most repulsive thing i'd ever seen.

    and it wasn't like she could blame roommates. she has her own spot.

    i'm sorry. what were we talking about? oh, yea... could i wife a slob?

    probably not. but sheeeeit. we all got weaknesses, right?

  2. I couldn't do it. When I myself was more sloppy than I am now, MAYBE. If your domicile is an extension of yourself, then the girl will need to be someone you can take out to public AND smash on clean 300+ thread count sheets.

  3. Man I'll stick my finger in her ass.

    No but foreal, nah that type of shit. Just on how moms raised me, and how I see her get down, thats something I just couldnt let pass. Like thats shit that is expectant of a dude, not a chick. First thing I look at is the kitchen and the bathroom when I'm over a girls crib. As well as their shoes...its a good show of how well they take care of themselves. Real shit. If ANY of that is unclean, or nasty looking...well you know whats up.


  4. If she holds it down in every other aspect but shes a slob, I won't hold that against her, especially if her ass is fat. I am the same way. Cleaning is not the highest thing on my priority list but i keep things moderately clean when I am going to have company or something.

    I make a decent amount of money and if she makes a good amount of money I'll tell her to go half on a maid.

  5. So let me get this straight..... she's BAD and she still gives head? SHEiiiiit, a few roaches never hurt nobody!

  6. I could deal with it to a point. I'd work with her tho

  7. Couldn't do it. But being recently married, I'm the Slob in the relationship!

  8. lol... wow this took some thought... but i think cleanliness can be learned.. if she did it in the beginning she can do it again... so i'd say yes...a hesitant yes.

  9. nah if the ho dont bust down the crib, Im outtie 5000. word to the mother.

  10. This is interesting/funny.

    I'm pretty sure though, that such a woman never has and never will exist. Looking at a woman's character, if she keeps herself looking good, is THAT successful in her career, has such a great personality, AND she can put it down in bed, all of her qualities/traits/beliefs/whatever that allow her to do those things would also compel her to clean the damn house! There's NO way she's doing it THAT BIG in every other aspect of her life, but doesn't clean her own home.

    But, for the sake of playing along, I'll say yes, I could do it. We all have our flaws. If she's my kind of woman, then she's gonna be all about positivity, making progress, self-improvement, all that good stuff. So sure, I could do it.

  11. Some of these dudes are on some straight hypocritical bullsht. Of ALL the bad qualities a woman could have that would/could lead to you going your seperate way...that is by far the lesser of all the evils.

    Is my place a bit of a mess right now? Yes.

    Can all that change if I'm married to the woman of my dreams. HELLS YES.

    There's not a [straight] dude I know that has "keeps her place clean" on his list of desirable qualites. LOL.

    Mark me down for YES.

  12. I just ran across this, but hell yes. That's why we have a cleaning woman. Then the issue doesn't even have to come up for either of us.

  13. If she's all that other stuff, sure.

  14. Please excuse my lateness - I'm brand new to this blog. I feel this is a very simple problem to fix. We're going to hire a maid and let her work it out!

  15. here's my theory. You clean your house right? Well, if you and the messy person share a house nothing changes.

    my comment FTW!

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