Monday, July 26, 2010

Mixtapes and Heartbreaks

Well, listen. Here's one of the many things I have learned since I last saw you: life turns man up and down. Peace to Kurt Thometz. Another thing I've learned, though? Who has time to sit and consider all that shit? Does a person standing in the middle of a four- lane highway have time to sit and lament the circumstances that got them there? You know how that person's gon' end up with all that cryin? A 2- dimensional past-tenser with their insides on the outside for some poor underpaid chump to clean up.

The thing about getting over the hump is this: the law of inertia dictates that all the energy you exert pushing and fighting your way up the hump will propel you forward, soon as you get the teeniest bit over. So keep pushing.

I got a mixtape coming in a few weeks. It's called "Hov Said It Best". This represents the first body of music I have released to the world that's solely my own. I got told ALL the way off by a man I am now in love with, for my slacking in this area over the years. (He don't know i love him. But how can you not fall in love with a man who is sick of you to the point of ignoring you, for not being great like you can be?) I'm excited about it. It's good stuff. Definitely different. What else can it be? I'm a giant weirdo. :) The first song you'll hear is called "Whatchu Want Me To Do" ... should I stick "Im Sorry!" in parenthesis in the title? choo think?

I've lost a friend or two, it seems. That's the heartbreak part of the blog. I like knowing, though. So I don't tell 'em no more of my business. :) Also, it's not really heartbreak. I find it difficult to be heartbroken over someone who isn't laying the pipeski, if you know what i mean.

I'm in the studio right now, finishing up one of the last songs on the mixtape. There's a fly issue. We have no idea where they are coming from. They're so big I can hear them buzzing on the microphone. We keep having to pause to beat them to death. More keep coming.

Fuck those flies. We will prevail. Life is good.

What's new in your world that you feel like sharing? Let me know! I read all the comments, believe me. That's what makes blogging fun!